Happiness is buying your own home! But often the overall process is not as straightforward as it sounds.

With more people migrating towards urban areas for employment opportunities as well as for educational purposes, the demand for owning a  home is ever increasing

It is also a difficult task to buy a home on savings entirely. It is a good thing to avail of home loans

Here, before we dive into the depth of benefits, let us first understand what a home loan is.

What is a Home Loan?

Home Loans

A home loan is a type of loan that is used to purchase a house or an investment in a property. It is also known as a secured loan which is taken by people from banking or financial institutions to buy a home. The lender holds the title deed of the property until the repayment of the loan is made.

It is certainly considered as one of the most significant liabilities as it requires an enormous amount and long tenure. However, it also serves you with the benefits and advantages that have made it an essential thing to be on the bucket list.

Shubham Housing Finance is the leader in providing home loans with easy and customizable EMI options to those with informal incomes. We provide equity credit to buy a home by evaluating your income streams.

Let’s discuss the crucial advantages of home loan and how it benefits the home seekers

Attractive interest rates

Private Home Loan

Taking a home loan is the most significant financial decision of one’s entire life. Likewise, choosing the best interest rates is also a part of your decision making before taking a home loan. Shubham Home Loan comes with a host of benefits such as smaller EMIs where you can space out your payment over a longer tenure, attractive interest rates, an easy application process.

No Prepayment fees charged
Shubham Home Loan Company

In other loans, lenders generally charge a typical prepayment penalty on the payment of loan beforehand. But for a floating rate home loan, there are no prepayment penalties. So this allows you to pay a part of your investment whenever you have surplus cash. This not only lowers your burden but also makes your repayment faster.

Lower processing fees
Shubham Private Home Loan

The processing fee is a one-time charge that needs to be paid by the borrower. However, it may vary across financial institutions and may differ with each borrower. Currently, Shubham charges a minimum processing fees on home loans than any other financial institution in India.

Less Paperwork
Shubham Housing Finance

A Home Loan helps an individual to achieve all housing finance related needs. But to do so, the borrowers need to provide certain documents to the lender before they approve the loan. Different lenders have their specific requirements and criteria.


  • Application form with passport size photograph

  • Identity proof

  • Address proof

  • Income proof documents (if available)

  • Bank Statements

  • Property documents

No hidden costs and administrative charges
Shubham Home Finance Company

Home loans are not free from hidden charges which are built into the total loan amount sanctioned. It is more like a grey area as most of the financial institutions do not provide clear cut guidelines regarding the same. As a result, later, the borrower feels cheated or claims that there was no transparency in the process. However, Shubham has no hidden terms and conditions. We inform our customers about all the charges before approving the loan application. However, It is good to check everything twice before borrowing funds.

Easy home loan balance transfer
Easy Home Loan

Home loan balance transfers is a facility where a borrower can transfer their home loans from their current banks to other lenders. It also helps the borrower to get lower rates of interest along with revised terms and conditions in many cases. The new lender will pay your remaining loan amount to your present lender and get hold of your title deed.

You can also move your Home Loan outstanding balance to Shubham to enjoy lower monthly EMIs.


  • Proof of Income

  • List of the Property documents

  • Latest outstanding balance letter from your existing financial institution

  • Photocopy of the property documents

  • Passport size photograph of all the applicants

Flexible repayment options
Home Finance Company

Buying a home can be a tedious process that involves a lot of research and running around. There is one more critical factor you should consider while taking a home loan, and that is the type of loan. However, Shubham offers you flexible repayment options to suit your diverse needs.

These are some of the advantages that you can avail at Shubham Housing Finance while taking a home loan. So, analyze your options and choose the best lending institution to accomplish your goal.

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