In today’s world we cannot imagine a life without technology. Technological advances have resulted in numerous benefits. You need not even go to the bank to send money or get your bank statement. From school fees to utility bills, almost everything is now paid online. So, here is another key benefit for you to avail. Apply for a Home Loan Online. Shubham Housing Finance has made the Home Loan Application procedure safer and easier through their website. Shubham Housing Finance provides an online process for Home Loan Application. You don’t even need to step out to visit our branch to file your Home Loan Application. But one must not forget that people still opt for the traditional method of home loan applications because it is old and human involvement is always more trusted. Let us check the comparison between Online and Offline Home Loan applications at Shubham Housing Finance.

Loan Eligibility

Loan Eligibility

In an online home loan application, you can find out the loan amount you are eligible for by simply visiting the website and using tools such as the Loan Eligibility Calculator etc. You could also connect to our team to know more about home loans and other details of the application process. This is a very easy and speedy way to assess your home loan eligibility.

In the offline method, you would need to visit the nearest branch of Shubham Housing Finance and have discussions with our team to figure out your loan eligibility. This is slightly more time-consuming than the online home loan application method.

Loan Documentation

Loan Documentation

When you apply for a home loan online, you can simply visit the document checklist section and get an idea of all your required documents like loan application, identity proof, address proof, etc. and you can just keep them ready with yourself. One of our representatives will visit you at your place to collect the physical attested copies of these documents. This will not only speed up your loan application but also prevent you from missing out on any important document. Thus, applying for a home loan online provides you convenience and prevents you from stepping out even for the submission of documents.

In the offline method, again you would need to physically carry the required documents to the nearest branch to apply for the loan.  You might even need to set aside a day from your schedule to plan the visit. Not only is this inconvenient, it could also result in the possibility of losing an important piece of the document while in transit.

Loan Application

Loan Application

Applying for a Home Loan online is very easy and convenient. Many home loan providers have made the application form available on their websites. In our case, you can go to our website, fill in the application with basic details such as type of loan, loan amount, name, etc. and submit it. Once this is done, your information is analyzed, and based on your location a representative is assigned.

The offline method requires you to visit the office and provide physical copies of your documents and make the loan application payment via cheque or in cash. All of this takes longer and more effort than the online method.

Keeping the ongoing pandemic in mind, it is also advisable to avoid visiting branches and thereby opt for the safer and easier way.

Although the offline method for home loans continues, the online process to apply for housing loans has gained momentum since its inception mainly because of its advantages which are easy processing, hassle-free documentation, easy loan tracking, etc.

Whether to follow an offline home loan process or opt for an online process, is purely a discretion of the home loan borrower, it is of vital importance that the borrower understands the merits and demerits of both processes before making a decision to apply for a home loan.

Things to know before you apply for a home loan online

apply for a home loan online

  • Understand the need and eligibility for the loan
  • Keep your required documents ready
  • Be clear about the type of loan you need (home loan, loan against property etc.)
  • Read the FAQs, related articles, and blogs before starting your loan application process
  • Provide all the necessary details that the loan provider will need to process your application.
  • Connect to the team if you have any queries
  • Avoid making an application for a huge loan amount without checking your eligibility
  • Don’t leave out submitting important documents
  • Don’t ignore your credit score and CIBIL while applying for your loan


As is very clear, applying for Home Loans online is convenient. You get to submit your application and even pay your EMIs via modes like UPI, net banking, or WhatsApp from the comfort of your home whereas applying for Home Loans offline is time-consuming and inconvenient most of the time.So while you are thinking about applying for it online, Shubham Housing Finance can help reduce the hassle and make the process much more simple and easy for you. Just give us a call on 1800-258-2225 and one of our representatives will get in touch with you or simply click here and begin the process right away.



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