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Apply for a Home Loan online with Shubham Housing Development Finance

Owning a home is something that everyone aspires for. It means putting down your roots and having a space that is truly yours. A home is a gateway to financial success that you will be glad about in the future!

There is indeed no place like home!

Why Choose Shubham Home Loans?

Owning a home is everyone’s aspiration, with Shubham Home Loans support owning your own home can become a reality.

  • We provide loans for all income types including people with cash incomes
  • Shubham Housing Development Finance is an industry leader in providing home loans in India to those with informal incomes
  • We offer many services like housing finance solutions for Purchase of Property, Plot Purchase & Self-construction, Self-Construction, Refinance, and Enhancements
  • Shubham Housing Finance Company has transcended the documentation based underwriting approach
  • Get freedom from the Hassle of Income Documents with Shubham Housing Finance. Apply For a Home Loan Today!

This loan can be taken for the following purposes:

  • Purchase of a new or old house/flat
  • Purchase of new plot along with constructing a home on your own
  • Constructing a home on an already owned plot
  • Home extension to add a room, build extra space or add an additional floor to your already existing property
  • Loan transfer

Home loan eligibility criteria are the guidelines that you must fulfill while applying for a home/housing loan. You can analyze your affordability before applying for a home loan with the help of the Shubham Housing Finance Eligibility Calculator

  • Customer should be more than 21 years of age but not more than 65 years at the time of loan maturity.
  • Borrower should have a bank account.
  • Borrower should be residing in a city where Shubham’s Office is located.
  • No guarantor required.
  • All the owners of the property being financed and all individuals whose income has been considered for the loan have to be the co-applicants to the loan.

Shubham requires the standard KYC documents along with duly filled application forms to get started.

  • Application form with all required details filled in.
  • Identity proof such as Pan Card, Voters ID Card, Passport.
  • Address proof such as electricity bill, ration card.
  • Income proof documents, if available.
  • Bank pass book or Bank Statements.
  • Property documents, if property identified.

You can avail Shubham Home loan up to 50,00,000 depending on the city you live in. Also, the home loan amount is determined after assessing the individual’s requirement and the valuation of the property.

The maximum home loan tenure offered by Shubham is 25 years.

Shubham Housing Finance provides home loans to customers at a competitive interest rate starting from 9.90% to 16%.

Home Loan Balance Transfer helps you reduce your EMIs by moving your outstanding loan from other financial institutes to the one which offers smarter options. Move your Home Loan outstanding balances to Shubham Housing Finance & Development and pay lower monthly installments and enjoy the savings for other things in life that matter to you and your family.

We encourage our customers to discuss their monthly sources of income and buckets of expenses at length to arrive at a number that they are comfortable serving as EMI's. This EMI amount can be paid through Electronic Clearing Services (ECS) and the National Automated Clearing House (NACH).

Why Choose Shubham Home Loans?

Process To Apply

A home is your identity. Thus, buying a home is the best and the biggest investment an individual can make. Take this journey with us at ease and 100% transparency.

Home Loan India

Step 1

Apply online and our representative will reach out to you or visit our branch nearest to you

Housing Loan India

Step 2

Our representative will come to your place of work/home to explain the product and process and collect the necessary documents

Shubham Home Loan

Step 3

We evaluate your documents, have a discussion with you and do the necessary checks. If everything goes well, we sanction your loan

Best Home Loan Company

Step 4

Submit the remaining documents and your loan is disbursed

Jindagi mein apni tarraki ki gati tez kijie, aaj hi Shubham se Home Loan lijie

Process to Apply for home loan online

Shubham Home Loan Features

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    Our process is 100% efficient and hassle-free

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    Loan can be processed quickly with less documentation

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    Can avail long tenure loans

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    Can opt for customizable EMI's

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Calculate your Home Loan EMI:

Prospective borrowers can add a co-applicant to improve their loan eligibility through a joint home loan. Also, make sure that you research your loan requirement. You can also calculate the EMI that you will have to pay monthly for the loan availed. Here’s a quick look at how you can do it with our Home Loan EMI calculator tool.

Housing Loan is the amount of money you borrow from a lender to buy a home but calculating the loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure can be tedious.

EMI calculator is a tool that helps the user to calculate EMI and consider a suitable payment schedule and find accurate breakups of your total payable amount. It also helps you calculate your loan tenure and monthly installments to be paid towards the home loan repayment.

Now, with the help of the Shubham Housing Finance EMI calculator, you can determine the EMI for your loans. All you have to do is assess your eligibility and the applicable EMI for the amount of loan you wish to take from Shubham Housing Finance by entering the below details:

Loan amount, Tenure, Interest rate, monthly income, ROI = EMI

Once you fill in the above data, complete information about the EMI, total interest outgo, and the total amount will be clear.

The eligibility calculator works based on parameters such as your monthly income, tenure, and interest rate which will help you to decide on the loan amount to apply.

Before embarking on your home buying journey check your home loan eligibility. It wouldn't just help you to stay focused on your plan but will also offer you peace of mind.

If an individual wants to avail a home loan online, he will have to fulfill specific documentation and meet the eligibility criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We have a range of home loan products to cater to every need.

  • To know further contact us on 1800 258 2225 or drop an email at customercare@shubham.co
  • Visit any of our branches. To locate the nearest branch click here.

Yes, we provide home loan balance transfer services to our customer's. For more information contact our housing loan expert. Call us at 1800 258 2225

Yes on the given conditions that the loan taken should be utilised towards addition of a built up space in a dwelling unit

  1. Up-gradation of a dwelling unit by complete demolition and reconstruction
  2. Improvement of the dwelling unit by making walls/ceilings better and safer
  3. Renovation of an existing dwelling unit

Photograph, Identification Proof, Address Proof, Income proof (If available), Property Documents.

Yes, co-applicant or guarantor is required for taking a loan. Maximum of 2 applicant's income can be considered from a household.

Yes, customers can repay their home loan ahead of the schedule without any pre-payment charges.

Annual account statements and interest certificates are sent to all customers after the financial year closing. For any interim requirement, customers can contact the branch officials or our directly centralised customer care team through call/mail/letter. Interim requests are on chargeable basis.

Yes, customers can part pay their loan anytime during the tenure. There is no pre-closure penalty payable by the customer in case of partial or full prepayment.

Customers are eligible for tax benefits on the principal and interest components of their Home Loan under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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