Given below are the Most Important Terms & Conditions for getting a loan from Shubham. These will be detailed and given to a customer at the time of signing of the loan agreement and the loan will be disbursed only after we have the customers consent on these terms

  1. Place of Agreement Branch Address
    Date of Agreement Date of Agreement
    Product Type Home Loan / Loan Against Property
    Name of the borrower Borrower Name
    Name of the Co applicants /Guarantor Co-Borrowers / Guratantors Name
    Address of Borrower Customer Communication Address
    Branch of shubham Branch Address
    Loan Amount Sanction Loan Amount
    Base Rate 13.5% p.a.
    Type of Interest Rate Floating
    Re-pricing Frequency Monthly or as and when required
    Applicable Interest Rate  
    Penal Interest Rate  
    Type of Instalment Equated
    Due Date  
    EMI Same as mentioned in sanction letter
    Pre - EMI  
    Mortgaged Property/Security/Collateral property address
    Term/ Tenor (In Months)/No. of EMIs same as mention in sanction letter
    Administrative and Operational Costs-At Disbursal (Non Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes) same as mention in sanction letter
    Administrative and Operational Costs-At Login (Non Refundable)
    ( inclusive of Applicable taxes)
    INR 3,600.00 (Rupees Three thousand six hundred only)
    CERSAI CHARGE (Non Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes) Rs.50 + Applicable GST if loan amount upto Rs.5 Lakhs and Rs.100 + Applicable GST if loan amount above Rs.5 Lakhs.
    GENERAL INSURANCE PREMIUM (Non Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes) Actual
    Health Insurance Premium (Non Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes) Actual
    Life Insurance Premium (Non Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes) Actual
    Duplicate statement Rs. 100
    Emi Payment Instrument Swapping charges Rs. 500
    Duplicate interest certificate Rs. 100
    Copy of property documents Rs. 500
    Repayment bouncing charges Rs. 500
    Part payment charges NIL
    Late Payment Charge Rs.300/- per emi overdue
    Conversion Charges NIL
    Foreclosure charges NIL
    Property Swapping Charge Rs. 3000/-
    End use / Purpose of loan Purchase of Residential property
    Use of Property Vacant
    Mode of repayment 1.PDC
    2.Electronic Mode

Note:- Above fee and charges are exclusive of ApplicableTaxes (GST) or any other govt taxes, levies etc and subject to change and will be at sole discretion of Shubham Housing Development Finance Company Ltd.

The interest calculation is on 360 days for all years during the loan tenure and monthly interest calculation is on 30 days for all months.

For Full disbursal loans- Pre – Emi will be charged in the first month after disbursal which will be interest from the date of disbursal till the end of that particular month. The EMI as stated in the above table will commence from the subsequent month.

For Tranche disbursal loans. Pre EMI will be charged till full disbursal is made or 12 months from the month of disbursal, whichever is earlier. The EMI as stated in the above table will commence from the subsequent month.

Additional Conditions

Most important terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the agreement schedule giving details of the loan.

  1. Insurance: Proper insurance to be taken by the borrower mandatorily. The company assists the borrower in getting the insurance done from any of the General Insurance companies. However, the borrower is free to take property insurance on his own and assign the same to Shubham Housing Development Finance Company. Shubham, at present, does not charge any fee either to the borrower or from the General Insurance company.
  2. Disbursement conditions. The obligation of Shubham to make any disbursement shall be subject to the following conditions:
    • Credit Worthiness of the Borrower and title of Property: The Borrower meets Shubham’s requirement of credit worthiness. Also Shubham should be fully satisfied that the title of Property is clear, marketable and unencumbered. The Borrower shall obtain all such permissions as may be required for creation of security interest in the Property including the right to acquire . The Property Shubham shall be entitled to make or cause to be made inquiries as Shubham may deem fit to assess the above.
    • Non-existence of event of default.
    • Extra ordinary Circumstances: No extra ordinary or other circumstances have occurred which in the sole opinion of Shubham may make it improbable for the Borrower to fulfil any of the terms and Conditions.
    • Pending Legal Proceedings: The Borrower shall have disclosed to shubham about any action, suit proceedings, winding up/ insolvency proceedings or investigation pending initiated against him/her.
    • Evidence for Utilisation of Disbursement: The Borrower shall have produced evidence of the utilization of the Loan or any part disbursement of the Loan.
    • Guarantees/Securities etc: The Borrower if required by Shubham shall provide and execute Guarantee(s)either by themselves or such person as may be approved by Shubham. The Borrower shall duly execute all other necessary documents, writings, create security of the Property in favour of Shubham and submit Post Dated Cheques, Standing Instructions or ECS mandates, as the case may be.
    • Utilisation of Borrower’s Contribution: The Borrower shall arrange for the remainder funds required for the purpose of the Loan (i.e. the cost of the Property less than Loan). The Borrower shall not borrow the same from any other person.
    • NOC etc: Where the Borrower transfers loan from other bank/financial institution to Shubham, the Borrower shall have obtained necessary permissions, letter from the existing /previous bank/institution/lender (as the case may be) and shall have disclosed correct information to Shubham.
    • Subject to fulfilment of Conditions for Disbursement set out herein, Shubham shall disburse the Loan either in fulfilment of Conditions for Disbursement set out herein, Shubham shall disburse the Loan either in lump -sum or in suitable instalments as may be decided by Shubham with reference to the need or progress of construction or on consideration of any other factors as determined by Shubham i its sole discretion. Shubham’s decision to disburse Loan fully or part thereof and manner of disbursement shall be final and binding on the Borrower.
    • The disbursement shall be made by Shubham by issuing a Pay Order, Cheque or a Demand Draft crossed as"A/c Payee only" or through a credit to a designated bank account, details whereof are specified in the Schedule hereto. The Loan shall be deemed to be disbursed from the disbursement request date specified in the Schedule and Interest on the Loan will begin to accrue in favour of Shubham from the said date irrespective of whether the amount has actually been withdrawn by the Borrower.
    • Shubham may, at its sole discreation, disburse the Loan directly to the Borrower, builder, developer, society, and other banks/ institution / lender from whom the Borrower transfers the Loan to Shubham or in favour of any third party as may be requested by the Borrower.
    • Not the above, Shubham may, by giving reasonable notice to the Borrower, suspend or cancel further disbursement of the Loan if the Loan amount shall not have been fully drawn within a reasonable time or if due to any change in circumstances Shubham is of the opinion that there has beenaMaterial Adverse Effecton the Borrower’s financial condition or profits or business or in any factors that were considered by Shubham while issuing the Sanction Letter including, but not limited to, reason of delay in construction of the Property.
    • Shubham reserves the right to ask for additional documents of the Borrower relation to the financial status, utilization of Loan proceeds, Property, stage of construction of the Property, address & contact details, documents relating to Know Your Borrower (KYC) requirements etc. post disbursement of the Loan. In the event such documents are not submitted by the Borrower within the time period stipulated by Shubham, Shubham shall be entitled, without prejudice to its right to recall the Loan or exercise any other remedy available to it, to increase the Interest Rate at its’sole discretion after notifying the Borrower to cover the additional risk arising from maintaining such Loan.
    • Adherence to all conditions as mentioned in the sanction letter and other communication from Shubham received by the borrower.
  3. Procedure for change in ROi/EMI: Shubham, may, at its sole discretion (or having regard to the applicable regulations, conditions in money market or in keeping with its internal policies or regulatory requirements), revise the Interest Rate and Penal Interest Rate on the Loan after notifying the Borrower and Interest Rate and Penal Interest Rate shall, from the date of such notification, accrue at such revised rate. If Shubham revises the Interest Rate on the Loan prior to the full disbursement of the Loan, it shall have a right to effect, at its sole discretion, such revised rate on the entire or any part of the Loan and the Borrower will be liable to pay such revised amounts. Shubham reserves the right to effect changes in the Interest Rates as mandated by the Reserve Bank of India or National Housing Bank from time to time. In case of change in Interest Rates Shubham may, at its sole discretion:
    • change the tenor of the Loan and EMI would remain constant or
    • EMI amount would change and tenor would remain unchanged. In such an event, repayment instructions in the form of cheques, SI or ECS (as applicable) shall be revised and the Borrower shall submit new/fresh repayment Instructions to Shubham. Not with standing anything herein contained, Shubham shall have the right, at any time or from time to time, to review and reschedule the EMIs, tenure or the Loan amount, with or without any request from the Borrower, in such manner and to such extent as Shubham may in its sole. discretion decide Provided that if as a result of such review / rescheduling, the original tenure of the Loan is required to be extended, the same shall be done only up to such terms as is permitted by Shubham in accordance with its internal policy. In such event(s), the Borrower shall repay the Loan or the outstanding amount thereof as per the revised Schedules as determined by Shubham. Shubham shall inform the Borrower in writing where such alteration or rescheduling involves variation in:
      • The date for payment of EMI or amount thereof; or
      • The amount of interest, principal or EMI; or
      • The variation results in the term of the Loan exceeding the retirement age of the Borrower(s) as applicable
      All changes in the Interest Rate and/or Penal Interest Rate shall be advised to the Borrowers and shall be effective only prospectively. Such change shall be displayed on Shubham’s website and branches. Any change in the interest rate will be communicated to the customers through letter/SMS or any other means of communication, by whatever name called feasible to the company.
  4. Recovery of overdues: The debt collection policy of Shubham is built around dignity and respect to Borrowers. Shubham will not follow policies that are unduly coercive in collection of Dues. The policy is built on courtesy, fair treatment and persuasion. Shubham believes in following fair practices with regard to collection of dues and repossession of security and thereby fostering borrower confidence and long-term relationship. Shubham’s Security Repossession Policy aims at recovery of dues in the event of default and is not aimed at whimsical deprivation of the property. The policy recognizes fairness and transparency in repossession, valuation and realization of security. All the practices adopted by Shubham for follow up and recovery of dues and repossession of security will be in inconsonance with the law. In case the borrower’s repayment instrument bounces in a particular month, telephonic/personal follow-ups are done to ask the Borrower to pay. Any borrower who goes beyond this date and goes more than 30 Days Past Due then moves to the collection list which is tracked separately with defined actions as outlined below:
    1. In case the payment remains, at 30 Days Past Due, Shubham sends a letter to the borrower for paying the stated amount immediately.
    2. In case the payment remains at 60 Days Past Due, Shubham sends a follow up letter, namely, Notice before Taking Action (NBTA) to the borrower for paying the stated amount immediately. Through-out this period, the Officers of the company will be in regular touch with the borrower to impress upon him the importance of paying the overdue amounts
    3. In case payments remains at 90 Days Past Due, Shubham sends a Loan Recall Notice (LRN) to the borrower for paying stated amount immediately.
    4. In case payment remains at more than 90 Days Past Due, Shubham has right to invoke proceedings under The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 (SARFAESI Act, 2002) and rules made thereunder, if any, including any statutory modification(s) or re-enactment(s) thereof for the time being in force to recover its dues.
      In addition to the above, Shubham has a right to send communications to such borrowers, as and when dues as per the Loan Agreement executed between Shubham and Borrower. Further, Shubham has a right to invoke proceedings under Section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act or any other applicable law to recover its dues.
  5. Customer Service
    1. Branch Timings: All branches are open from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm, six days a week. Sundays and 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of the month are a weekly off for the company.
    2. In case of any service related issue, borrower can contact the Branch in-charge. Any escalations thereafter should be addressed to: Customer Support Manager Phone no : 18002582225 Email :
    3. The Loan account statement for the financial year shall be sent, free of cost, once in a period of April to July of succeeding financial year at the given correspondence address of Borrower., else supply of duplicate statement shall be furnished to the borrower at his cost.
    4. Photocopy of the title documents: The Borrower can apply for a copy of the title documents which he has submitted within 30 days of the disbursal of the loan at the branch which has disbursed the loan. The document will be made available within 30 days of the application or receipt of the document from the relevant registration office.
    5. Closure Process: The borrower can request for closing his running loan any day before 25th of the running Month, by visiting the same branch which has disbursed his loan and giving written application. The loan will be closed within 15 days of accepting the application and original property papers along with SPDCs (if any) would be handed over within 30 days of loan closure against the written receiving.
  6. Grievance Redressal
    If the Borrowers have any complaints or grievances regarding the loan or their interaction with any Shubham employee, Shubham would request the borrower to make an entry in the complaint register maintained at the Branch and ask the Credit Officer to provide a Complaint Number for the same.

    Shubham will try and resolve the complaint within 7 working days of receipt of the same. The resolution of the complaint will be communicated to the borrower in writing or at the Branch by the Credit Officer.

    If the borrower does not receive any response for the complaint within 7 working days, he can send an email to or write to:
    Office of the CEO
    Shubham Housing Development Finance Company
    Shubham House -425, Jwala Mill Road,
    Udyog Vihar-IV, Gurgaon, Haryana-122015

    In case the complaint has not been resolved to the satisfaction of Borrower, he can also approach the Complaint Redressal Cell of National Housing Bank by lodging his complaint

    1. in Online mode at the link
    2. in offline mode by post, in prescribed format available at link 93Physical-Mode.pdf, to

    Complaint Redressal Cell,
    Department of Regulation & Supervision,
    National Housing Bank,
    4th Floor, Core 5A, India Habitat Centre,
    Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003