EMI Payment

General Terms and Condition

Most important terms and conditions of our loans.

Place of Agreement

Branch Address

Date of Agreement

Date of Agreement

Product Type

Home Loan / Loan Against Property

Name of the borrower

Borrower Name

Name of the Co-applicants / Guarantor

Co-Borrowers / Guarantors Name

Address of Borrower

Customer Communication Address

Branch of Shubham

Branch Address

Loan Amount

Sanction Loan Amount

Base Rate

14.5% p.a.

Type of Interest Rate


Re-pricing Frequency

Monthly or as and when required


Applicable Interest Rate

Product Type

Rate of Interest


Home Loan

11.9% to 16%

Home Improvement Loan

17% to 18%

Loan against Property

15% to 19%

Penal Interest Rate

2% p.m. on overdue EMI/Pre-EMI

Type of Instalment


Due Date

4th or 10th every month


Same as mentioned in sanction letter

Pre - EMI


Mortgaged Property/Security/Collateral

Property Address



Term/Tenor (In Months)/No. of EMIs

Same as mentioned in sanction letter





Administrative and Operational Costs-At Disbursal (Non- Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes)

Loan Amount

At the time of disbursement

Uptp 3 lacs

Rs 9500 + GST

>3 lacs to 6 lacs

Rs. 13500 + GST

>6 lacs to 10 lacs

Rs. 18000 + GST

>10 lacs to 12 lacs

Rs. 27000 + GST

>12 lacs

Rs. 27000 + 3% of the loan amount over
and above 12 lacs + GST

Includes charges that the company has to pay for verification including legal review and valuation pertaining to your loan. This is a non-refundable amount.

Administrative and operational cost- at login additional*
* to be taken only if customer has identified the property and wish to pay upfront


Rs. 3600/-only (inclusive of GST).


Administrative and Operational Costs - At Login


At the time of Login (inclusive of taxes)





This amount is payable along with the submission of the complete application form and other relevant documents required to ascertain your eligibility. This is a non-refundable amount and is collected upfront irrespective of whether your loan has been sanctioned.

CERSAI CHARGE (Non-Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes)

Rs.50 + Applicable GST if loan amount upto Rs.5 Lakhs and Rs.100 + Applicable GST if loan amount above Rs.5 Lakhs.

(inclusive of Applicable taxes)


Health Insurance Premium (Non-Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes)


Life Insurance Premium (Non-Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes)


Duplicate Statement (per Statement)

Rs. 250 + GST

EMI Payment instrument Swapping Charges

Rs. 500 + GST

Duplicate Interest Certificate

Rs. 250 + GST

Copy of property documents

Rs. 500 + GST

Cheque/ ECS/ NACH/ SI bounce charges

Rs. 500 + GST

Partial Prepayment


Late Payment Interest


Property Swapping Charge

Rs. 3000 only + GST

Foreclosure statement charges

Rs. 500 only + GST

Custodial Fee for property documents in closed loans

Rs. 500 per month (post 60 Days from Loan Closure Date) + GST

Duplicate No Dues Certificate

Rs. 250 only + GST

List of Documents

Rs. 250 only + GST

Valuation fee in Construction Linked Loan cases

First visit: No charges. Subsequent visits: Rs 500 + GST

Valuation fee for property revisit

Rs 1500 only + GST

Document retrieval charges on closure of loan (excluding maturity closure)

Rs 1000 + GST

Re valuation charge for NPA cases

Rs 1350 + GST

Legal Charges

As per actual

End use / Purpose of loan

Purchase of Residential property

Use of Property


Mode of repayment

  1. PDC
  2. Electronic Mode


Additional search charges*
* to be charged in case of delayed disbursement

Up to 1000/-* + GST
* depends on the SRO

Nesl data submission

50/- + GST

Note:- Above fee and charges are exclusive of Applicable Taxes (GST) or any other govt taxes, levies etc and subject to change and will be at sole discretion of Shubham Housing Development Finance Company Ltd.

In case disbursement is not availed then Administrative and Operational Cost-plus Interest paid (if any) is non-refundable.

The interest calculation is on 360 days for all years during the loan tenure and monthly interest calculation is on 30 days for all months

For Full disbursal loans- Pre – Emi will be charged in the first month after disbursal which will be interest from the date of disbursal till the end of that particular month. The EMI as stated in the above table will commence from the subsequent month.

For Tranche disbursal loans. Pre EMI will be charged till full disbursal is made or 12 months from the month of disbursal, whichever is earlier. The EMI as stated in the above table will commence from the subsequent month.

If the borrower does not receive any response for the complaint within 7 working days, he can send an email to or write to:

Office of the CEO
Shubham Housing Development Finance Company Ltd.
Shubham House, 425,
Udyog Vihar, Phase-IV
Gurugram, Haryana-120015

In case any customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by Shubham, then he may approach the Complaint Redressal Cell of National Housing Bank by lodging his complaint

a.in Online mode at the link https://grids.nhbonline.org.in


b.in offline mode by post, in prescribed format available at link http://www.nhb.org.in/Grievance-Redressal- System/LodgingComplaint-Against-HFCs-NHB%E2%80% 93Physical-Mode.pdf, to

Complaint Redressal Cell,
Department of Regulation & Supervision,
National Housing Bank,
4th Floor, Core 5A, India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003